Need some help with animation.

So I’d like to produce a simple Mech game and I found some exceptionally well made art in Blender, but I’m goofing on the animation and texturing. If anyone could help me out I’d greatly appreciate it!

[The Mech]

This is the piece of art I found on BlendSwap that I’d like to use as the player.
The only animations I really need done is: walking and turret movement for the guns.
If texturing is easy for you that’d be great as well. I can only get monochromatic color schemes going.

[about me]

I make games on Unity3D. I have 3 published on the Google Play Store, but they’re all kinda basic.
If you’d like to check them out just search LostCoastGames.

I am also interested in mech-anical vehicle simulations and wondered if I could help by writing script’s to govern the operation of these vehicle’s, But I am unsure as to what is suppported in unity, never tried it. Please let me know how I can help.

I’m interested in giving this a shot. For the walking animation what range of motion do you want? Do you just need forward/back or do you want animations for turning around and sidestepping?