Need some help with coloring

[!] In my monkey man, see picture, i can’t figure out how to make the eyes a different color than the head. plz help

ummmm, don’t know how to add images… can someone help with that too?

to add image use For color Go to F9 under link and material tab press new. Press f5 under material tab, there should be somthing like this.
Press that 2 and ok to make it single user. You can use mat to change the colour. Press back to f9 and with your vert sellected press assign. The new colour should be there.
That how I do it. i don’t know if there are a faster way.
Cheer. Welcome to elysium and hope ya have fun.

this page from the online docs helped me a bunch:

yea, but how do i do it for eyes, also, i still can’t figure out how to add images to this post.

The documentations sorta makes that clear. You select the vertexes for the eye. You then apply a different material to them. Not sure what else you’re getting at.

when i do the mat stuff, i can’t make it 2 instead of 1

go back and follow along with the tutorial, it tells you pretty straight out. i don’t know what else to tell ya

i got it! it’s finished, i still can’t figure out how to post it on this post, cuz i wanna show you guys, and i want u tell tell me how i did.

listen …2 simple steps to post images here

1 ) find a Image server to host (upload) ur image there take the link
2) in the post u make here do include that link in the [img] tags