Need some help with designing the new forum

(Timothy) #1

Hey all,

Since phpBB 2.0 uses a template based system, and I do not have very much time on my hands I was wondering if someone would be willing to create a template for phpbb 2.0

It should basicly just look like this forum does now.

Want to help out,… post here and I’ll contact you. Please mention if you have any experience in this or not.


(dickie) #2



i’m sure that’s the way Ton
and NaN felt when only a few
people bought Publisher…

I can help, though i have
no experience…

[email protected]

(mthoenes) #3

I am willing to help as well, some web experience, very limited experience with forums.

(graphinc) #4

Maybe I can help if you need but I don’t know anything about technic of forum. Anyway, I’m graphist and webdesigner so if I can give some help to this great site…

I have no bought the publisher because I don’t like it and don’t need it at all…but I’m ready to pay for a new creator and ready to help community