Need some help with donut!

I did everything what was said in tutorial, but I can not understand why hidden part of the mesh still visible, is there anyone can help?

Looks like your icing is pulled down too far and the top section is actually inside the donut mesh. Also the subdivision surface modifier will show in edit mode the position of the wireframe that is not subdivided by default and that is why you are seeing the wireframe, if you tab out of edit mode you will not see the wireframe. The triangle looking icon in the subdivision modifier panel will set the wireframe to the subdivision surface position in edit mode so you won’t see that wireframe as much in edit mode.

But to the root of your question, if you tab into object mode then you can pull the icing up on the z axis and it will become unhidden. Place and adjust it to your liking. I think you just pulled it down too far.

Thank you for your reply but I even if I don’t pull it down too much the result is still same((

Check the offset parameter in your solidify modifier, yours is set to - 1 which will bring volume down towards the donut, I think it should be set to 1 to bring volume up

You have proportional editing on as well.

Sorry but it made it worst :sweat_smile:

Exactly, that was what I noticed from the screenshot

Hmmmm, are you able to post your file ?

Unfortunately, the trouble is not with proportions(

okay I will try)

Ooh no, new users can not send attachments :sob:

Are you not able to post a link ? I use my google drive to post links
Try changing the offset as Chanfiroly mentioned

here is a link

Think I know what happened. The mesh was not hidden when you pulled the icing down in edit mode.
He shows the result you have right now in his tutorial.

I know it but the problem is that I hid it :laughing:

Alt-h will unhide any geometry you hid with ‘h’.

Hey, your icing mesh has flipped normals (thats why increasing the offset makes it worse) so goto edit mode and select the whole mess and ‘flip direction’ or ‘recalculate’ will work also. pull the mesh up a little and scale it (alt + S) to fit.

You hid top on the donut itself not the icing and your donut have inverted face normals (you need to unhide top and press ctrl+N)

I will let someone else try to explain. Cause if it was hidden you wouldn’t see it in edit mode like you are showing in your screenshot unless you were in object mode. Before he pulls down the verts he box selects everything but the bottom ring and presses “H” to hide the top section, then selects the random setting in proportional edit mode and selects one vert and pulls it downward. Then by pressing “Alt+H” it will unhide the previously hidden verts that were unaffected by the proportional edit, thus leaving the top section still smooth and rounded.

doesn’t work