Need Some help with FakeAOIII and passing tutorial

Here is tutorial. There are step where author use FakeAOIII node from to help find edges on object. I try many times but i cant recieve same result that he have in Step 3 - “Edge Scratches”. Author in coments dont say anythin that can help with it.

May be some one can try thru this tutorial and can say what I do wrong (my result for step 3 on picture)?

If you look closely at the video (at 2:24) you can clearly see that the author does not use the exact same model you can download from Blendswap. It’s a retopologized version of that model with a Subdivision Surface modifier. The FakeAOIII node group kind of relies on that, i.e. it won’t detect any edges in the Blendswap model.

Here’s a simplified setup to showcase the effect:

See how the shader “detects” where there are several tight edges near the plane changes. The topology of the original model doesn’t have that, thus you don’t get any results.

Thank you!