Need some help with Freestyle and export to Unity

Ok I am new to this and this may be a dumb question, but I have a model that I made in blender and I have it set up to save right to my unity folder so when I make changes to my character it changes there, works perfectly, now my question is I am goin for an anime look, and is there any way to get my freestyle lines over to unity as well? all the colors and stuff I put on the model transfer on their own, do I need to bake the freestyle lines or something first to get them to show up in unity?

any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Freestyle is a post processing render effect so you can’t export it. As it’s post rendering I don’t believe you can bake it in the render / bake options

You could take a look into the asset store if there are any shaders that come close to your prefered look(or write them yourself if possible).

thanks guys! I don’t understand why you can’t export those on a model, it makes the difference, I have started looking into making my own shaders, thanks for the advice!

I don’t understand why you can’t export those on a model
It’s like you rendering your scene to an image file, printing that image out onto a piece of paper and then you drawing on the freestyle lines. The render baking is the rendering your image part, the freestlye is an additional process after you have actually rendered your image.

Even if you baked the freestyle effect to an image, any freestyle effect wouldn’t change with any change of view of your model

so if I wanted it that way I’d have to draw each line with the paint/pen option?, there is no automatic way of doing like with freestlye, unless I write a script or something correct?

Can you show us a screenshot of which lines you want to achieve?

this is how it looks in object mode

And this is how I want it and my other 3D models to look in my game

this just a rough example, but you can see what I mean

You should be able to bake a wireframe material on, although it is experimental and in cycles only! It’s not going to have the options of freestyle, but it doesn’t look like what you want is view dependent.

Baking in cycles is a chore and a half. I would really just make a texture by exporting the UV layout and retaining the lines.

This is what you get when you export UV layout from the UV editor. I could have sworn there was an option for exporting as SVG! But I can’t find it anymore!
Edit : at the bottom of the left hand panel in the file browser, all options still there!

In an image editor you can color it like this for example:

And then bring it back in and make it the texture. This exports perfectly to any other application or engine.

(Sorry couldn’t help playing with the Subsurface scattering when I made the render!)

thank you very much, i will try this!