Need some help with getting something not to be ray traced

Hello, I just started using blender not to long ago and I want to learn how to use yafray as it is tons better then the Blender internal engine. Here is my thing though in the following image:

The mountains are made from a grid, water from a plane, and the sky from a plane.

When I set the water to uniform reflect and put the values where I want them so that it reflects the mountains it also reflects the plane behind it. I’ve tried pushing every button to get it not to reflect the plane but I can’t get it to do it. Is it just impossible to get yafray to not raytrace it?

Thanks. I’ve tried looking low and far and couldn’t find anything anywhere.

No one has any idea how to?

Yafray is a Raytracer; it has no other render mode. So everything in the scene will affect everything else. I don’t have much experience with Yafray but in the Shaders tab in F5 you can set “Traceable” off to have the raytracing ignore that Material. Whether that carries over to Yafray or not I don’t know. Also, with Yafray settings, in the Mirror Transp tab presets there is an option “No Reflect/Transmit”.


Check your reflection values, they are either off or so low it doesn’t reflect enough. Yafray raytraces everything, the only tunable parm in blender for amount of details are ray debth and GI.

I don’t have it reflecting there.

Thanks though, guess I’ll have to figure something out.