Need some help with making games.

Ok i’ve made the simple game in blender but now i want to know how make it as an exe. file. Is it complicated or what?

Click File>save runtime. Also, you will probably need to pack your file, which packs all the sounds and textures into the .exe. Do this by clicking File>Pack Data. There are also a few .dll’s you’ll need to copy from the blender folder into teh same directory as your .exe. The files vary depending on which version of Blender you are using.(I think) The files are Python24.dll, and SDL.dl, and if you’re using 2.42, you will also need pthreadVC2.dll

Will a mod PLEASE make one of these topics a sticky?

Thanks man now i can finally play it as exe!

Forget it, dude…but this can be something for the wiki

It already is :rolleyes: