need some help with the posing in pose mode

Call me stupid if you will, but i have a problem in my pose mode for blender 2.60 alpha. In all the tutorials i have went through and seen none says how to keep the feet of a human model with armature from going through the floor in pose mode so i can animate. Any help that is helpful would be greatly appreciated

Make a plane right where you want them to stop, then add a floor constraint to your object w/origin being at floor level.

it is still letting my model go through the floor.
here is a pic of my floor settings after testing it in pose mode.

i managed to get one foot to respond to the flooring but the other didnt, and when i finally get both to work it only happens when the floor is up to the chest. is there any tutorial that can show me what i am doing wrong here. please and thank you.

I’m not sure whether you’ve solved this yet, but I believe that the problem, most likely, was that the Floor Constraint stops your Object at its Origin Point. So, if your origin point is at that model’s stomach, then that’s where the Floor Constraint will still allow everything beneath the stomach to go beneath the floor.

Assuming this is the problem, then the solution is to reset your object’s Origin Point at his feet.

  1. Go into Edit Mode and select the Vertices of the soles of the feet.
  2. Send the 3D Cursor to this point by hitting Shift + S > Cursor to Selected
  3. Go back to Object Mode with Tab
  4. Ctrl + Alt + Shift + A > Origin to 3D Cursor

Now, the bottom of your Object is its feet rather than its stomach.

There might be a little more fiddling around necessary, but that should solve it, I believe.

Note that I don’t think my own solution above works. I can’t get the Floor Constraint to take effect on Amatures in Pose Mode at all. (Since animations are where it’s toughest to control objects and it’s easy to make sure they don’t go beneath the floor in still frames, this kinda defeats the whole purpose of the Floor Constraint, as far as I can tell.)

Does your foot have an IK controller?

Yes it does.

Then just keep the IK controller above the floor. That is the reason for IK.

Oh, an IK controller?

To be honest, I’m not even sure what that is. I thought you just meant IK movement on the limbs.

My goal would just be to, ya know, have the model never go beneath the floor and not have to constantly go and tweak the thing because the heal or the toe is dipping beneath it when it’s stepping. I thought it was so basic it’d be no problem at all. Not quite!

An IK controller is just a bone, that has no parent, and the foot points to it. You move the IK controller to the location on the floor you want the foot, the foot follows the IK control, and when you move the hips or whatever, the foot stays planted on the floor, where the IK controller is.

I understand (mostly). I plan on really diving in and studying Armatures hard here in a week or two, but right now my knowledge is very basic.

But as far as being able to use the Floor Constraint to prevent a posed Object from going beneath the floor, that doesn’t work?

It can work, but not recommended, it only works for that case in that file-- but if you use that model in another scene, or if you want him to walk up stairs or on irregular ground, it is pointless.

Thanks. I’ve been using BlenderCookie’s video series (which I believe is great).

Do you know, though, about whether you can use the Floor Constraint with Posed objects?

see above.

I didn’t see where the Floor Constraint in Pose Mode question was addressed in that particular tutorial.

I meant, see my comment. The floor constraint can work, but is not recommended. If your IK set up is correct, the feet will never go through the ground

You need to add a floor constraint to each bone if you wnat them not to go through the floor.

I gotcha. Thanks a lot.

I’m gonna experiment with this this evening and, if I think I have a handle on it, I’ll post some screencaps.

Thanks again, I (and future lurkers frustrated with the Floor Constraint!) really appreciate it.