Need some help with this shading!

So I came across this a while ago and I have always wanted to get this type of shading, but don’t know how to do it.
i tried toon shading and to no avail, can someone help?


It basically is toon-shading and presumably hand-drawn i.e. as an SVG with Inkscape, because the shading e.g. of the three-pieces figure isn’t consistent. Nor the shadows, which are merely elipses, and so on.

The most distinctive feature of this kind of art, IMHO, is the way that the lighting changes to indicate the (simulated) shape of the figure. You can do this sort of thing with render-nodes, e.g. selecting from a gradient depending on the angle (in one-or-more axes) between the surface-normal at a particular point and the viewpoint angle of the camera. You can go for realistic, for stylized, or unrealistic/impossible as you may please.

I personally enjoy this kind of artwork, and I wonder if we should do a “Weekend Challenge” that challenges people to make something specifically along these lines using Blender. “Toon-style” work is to me a refreshing change from the usual world of hyper-realism…

Some examples:

Well could you show me an example node setup? Thanks!

Ahahah the song that is from is hilarious :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve heard it on the bus and radio a few times xD