Need some help

Well, I saw this AWSOME! program called Comet Cursor made by Wild Tangent, so I bought it and it says it requires a program called Windows, does anyone know where I can download Windows? I have a G5 so I am sure I will be able to run it, I have heard it is a “system hog”.

don’t download windows, it gives you a virus, check my sig for more information

edit (to not boost up my post count): I have the feeling this is going to get locked

downloading windows is like downloading porn.
you need it to do some stuff, but dont want to be caught anywhere near it

omfg liek its a fucking os yuo dumb fucking noob omg and dont download that wild tangent shit cuz it liek fucks up ur computer with hax and viruses and shit but anyway u should get windows XP cuz its an OPERATING SYSTEM you fucking noob ass loser

With a G5, you should use this cursor editor:

You can import cursors designed for Windows too.

Windows is a different system from the OS X on your machine and you really shouldn’t have bought Windows software for it.

I’m tempted to lock this thread. Is this some kind of sick joke, or do you truely not know what windows is?

heh. Yeah, fancy cursors are the ultimate killer app.

(and fyi, Wild Tangent = spyware)

sick joke all the way

How could this be a SICK joke?