need some help

i just stared to use blender and i need a little help
i got my model how i wanted it with the textures,etc
now when i tried to render it the head doesnt render right
i looked around and couldnt find a fix
any tools or tutorials i can use to fix this
here an image of the problem


Hi datdude50,

I would suggest you have duplicate faces on your hair mesh, you should see it in edit mode when you use ‘face select’ and select a face - you’ll notice you can select more than one face in the same place. You also may also have wrongly aligned face normals, select all the mesh and press CTRL+N. Maybe if post up a copy of your blend we’ll can be able to confirm, but it kinda looks like it to me. :wink:

I’m not positive this is the answer, but make sure that you have “Premultiply” checked in your hair material texture settings. It’s in the “Texture” tab, in the “Image” section.

well i did as you suggested and no luck
heres the blend file maybe you can look at it and show me where i went wrong
heres the blend file
i tried but failed maybe one of you people who knows what their doing can check it out and show me my errors

Ok, Jay Artist was absolutely correct. It’s duplicate faces.

Select the hair mesh (one mesh at a time), go to edit mode and select all faces, press “W” and choose “Remove Doubles”. Look up at the menubar at the top and it will tell you how many vertices were removed. But now the normals are pointing both inward and outward, so to fix them hit CTRL + N.

ok, thank you im such a noob lol