Need some helps

Hello anybody have an ideas on how to do this animation ? Try somme stuff but dont get it




I think it can be made with a particle system.

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Looks like a top down camera…Two spherical emitters , The first spawns particles with an impulsion from it’s surface, the second creates particles from it’s volume. Gravity drops them onto a surface, then they use an slightly elevated collision to squeegee the particles to the side revealing the logo. Apply wind force for the grand finale. I suspect the logo was probably done in a separate pass and the other particles composited over them.

Thank you I will shake for it

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Okay i will try

Using fluid particle instead of newtonian will be a good start.
and for the last part animating an invisible collider should do the trick.

Actualy I’am using molecular addon
But still dont get it right

Sorry i dont use molecular addon at all.

use your screen capure keyboard key to put an image (printscreen)… A photo is really often blured and not so friendly from your side to manage.
from my side on linux i use ctrl shift printscreen to be able to crop the region i need to capture.
on windows…

On Windows you can do windows key + shift s to do a box select of what you want to screenshot. Otherwise just printscreen gets the whole screen.