Need some light tips.

Reviewing bezier curves and practicing. Made the obligatory Blender logo as well as a couple of well known commercial ones. The issue is lighting. I’m using three point lighting, but cannot get that white clean floor/wall shot that I’ve seen with other works. I’ve been trying different settings, different lamps and my efforts have resulted in frustration. Any suggestions? Any links to some decent tutorials out there on lighting a scene shot is appreciated.

David C.


Edit: bah, double post.

I can’t get to the site at the moment, but I’m pretty sure has a tutorial on creating studio backdrop lighting. I think it’s one of the quick tips.

Thanks. I know site. I’ve watched a few of the tutorials. I didn’t even think about checking for lighting tuts there.

Im slightly unsure what it is your trying to achieve but if its what I think you mean then try this.

  1. Have you tried turning up the light emit setting? Try using the hemi lamp as this lights up wide areas without multi shadows being casted.
  2. The default material in blender seems to absorb alot of light even by changing its base colour… Have you tried playing around with gloss, spec and hard settings?
    If you dont want that then try downloading a material library off the internet (A few can be found in the resource section of and use a white gloss material ass these seem too reflect light well and therefore dont result in many dark areas.

Thats all I can offer in advice, but if this isnt what you were looking for then try finding a tut of somewhat on youtube or various blender forums.


@ PorkFist–thanks for the tips.