Need Some Models For My Game

I’m making an update to my game, “The Soul Catcher X,” and I need someone to do the following models for me because I’m terrible with Sculpt mode. I would like it by this Thursday, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. If you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to PM me.

-2 Police Officers (With different characteristics)
-Small, cool-looking ancient statue (only 1 needed)

Well, if I think of anything else, I’ll say so.

Thanks for your interest,
Shadow Pro

EDIT: I do not need this by a specific time or date. However, I would like for it to come in at least by a month. Thanks again.

Is there any style or reference you could add to both the needed models, do the officers have a color scheme? small town outfit, riot gear, classy old school look? As for the ancient statue what kind of origins would it have? more like Mayan, Indian, Roman, Egyptian, etc. And you said “small” statue, is this a bust? or a small scale full body statue or even symbolic?
If you have any pictures of the scenes you are producing that would be helpful for matching the style.

Statue: By “Small” I meant small in size, I wasn’t thinking great when I was writing this topic to add great details. XD Roman is my style personally because I’ve always found the interesting. It can display a body of anything, really. Or you could use the game description to help you decide. :stuck_out_tongue: Anything is fine by me! :slight_smile:

Police: I believe because of how the police will play a role in my game, they would probably be best in gear. If the gear could be black and the shirts white, that would be great. Just note that I will be animating the mouth, eyelids, fingers, etc. :slight_smile:

Game Description: You, Nerezza Blackburn, were chosen to journey through the abandoned territory to collect Souls. The Stalker needs these Souls to regain his former self. However, you must also regain your lost memory and save your family.

/\ I don’t have the actual description right now, sorry. Also, I apologize for such a late reply. /\

Will try :slight_smile: always happy to help

Thanks! Very appreciated! :slight_smile: