Need some quick help! :)

Hello so i am working with a model currently, and i have a Issue when it comes to scaling down a object. Lets say I add a UV sphere, and then I add a Cylinder inside it, wanting it to stick up like a flag pole… but when i try to scale them both down to get a good Size, the cylinder walks off above it… so it wont stay with the UV sphere, is there anything to fix this?

I’m not quite sure what you mean by ‘walks off above it’ but if you shift+select both, they should scale uniformly. Are you selecting them separately and then scaling them? In that case, suppose you want to scale down the cylinder alone, you may want to move it’s origin down to the bottom. Then, when you scale the cylinder, it’ll stay in the same place and only change its size. To do that, go to edit mode with the cylinder selected. select all by pressing ‘a’ and then grab all of it up in the z direction until the bottom of the cylinder is aligned with that little orange dot which is it’s origin. Go back to object mode and grab the cylinder down inside the uvsphere. From now on, whenever you scale the cylinder, it’ll stay in it’s place.

I added both the cylinder and the UV Sphere in the same Edit mode. so they are connected to the same Object in a way… but when i scale normally. the cylinder wont stay connected to the UV sphere and it goes upwards and “disconnects” from the UV sphere… wich dosent seem normal cus the tutorial i am following has it so when he targets it all, it scales together.

No one knows what i am talking about? :confused: because i can’t figure out this issue. o.O

Quite frankly, your posts are a bit confusing and lack all important information…
a) You’re following a tutorial? Which one (link)?
b) “… but when i scale normally” - What is that supposed to mean? Scaling along the normals? “Normal” scaling as opposed to what? Do you scale in Object or Edit mode?
c) Screenshots?
d) Scene file? Upload to pasteall and post the link here.

Perhaps check the tutorial that is linked in my signature.

This is whats happening. When i try to scale the object, they go apart… and when i add more to the same object and try to scale them all down, they get even more disorted.

You have set the pivot center to “individual origins”:

So this is not a “normal” scale at all…:wink:
Change that to “median point” and you should be good to go.

oh my oh my… didnt even notice that i had changed that -_-! No and when i am still learning the program to the fullest, still a bit confusing! Meh :expressionless:

Thanks a bunch… and sorry for not uploading the pictures before! i guess i was in a bit of a rush to get help with it, so i just rushed it… rushing it isnt a good thing! lol

No need to apologize - in the end you were the one that had to wait longer than necessary for a concise answer… See how that issue solved itself within minutes as soon as we had something to look at? :yes: