Need some sci-fi textures

I am making a space ship and I need some nice looking sci-fi spaceship textures. If anyone has any experience with making textures I would like to hear how they make textures. (I have Photoshop 7).

The best way to do this is to look on the web for photoshop tutorials on how to make just about anything. I believe at the top of the game engine forum there is a list of some sites that have tutorials. Also, think of some sci-fi movies and try to come up with some of those textures. The next question would be do you want to use these as maps for nor, color, etc. or as UV maps. With procedurals you need more maps, but with UV you need more detailed maps for the most part.

I have played around with sci-fi maps, probably the best way is to go from memory, and experiment. If you don’t have time to experiment definitely start googling for those tutorials.

Download this file there are a couple of packed textures.

I have an experimental python script for making hull textures
but I can’t post the file from home.

BgDM made an excellent tutorial on making spaceship textures. I have no idea where it is.

I have always used several texture generators. I used reptile and illusionae, but reptile is now commercial and illusionae has vanished from the web. Just yesterday I start searching for a good freeware texture generator and I found a great one. It’s called NeL Texture Generator and it can be found here:

Another nice one I found is SynTex. It used to be shareware but is now free (the registration-key is available on the donation-page of the site). It can be found here: