Need some serious help!

I got a serious problem
being a noob to blender i have spend hours modeling a bike, and when it comes to colouring it i can only colour one object on it, the most recent one i made, the rest of the model stays grey
any idea of how i can colour each item separatly
any help would be much appreciated, i dont want to start over again

Iā€™m guessing that all of the parts are one big object? if so: you could make a uv map, or you could break apart all the parts (make them all separate objects) and then color the material.

cheers, how do i break them into separate objects
sorry lol

no prob, in edit mode select the part and hit the PKEY.

DONT SEPARATE!!! Use multiple materials to color different parts of the mesh different colors. See

even better! that even helped me. thanks.

may i ask whats wrong with separating?

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yeah cheers for that, helped a great deal!