Need some serious thoughts

I am weighing the pros of continuing with this scene for a contest - the photorealism one.

Or focusing solely upon the tulips in a basic window based scene.

Thoughts. Particularly about the tulips, how to improve.

Check out the spine of these peddles:

Also make them less uniform.

The tulips don’t require much detail, they aren’t the focus.

Ps. Most species of tulips are relatively uniform in real life. Even the white&purple ones that I used for the far back had near mirror on all petals.

Maybe check out some more reference photos and reconsider how your light is staged and the strength of it. You’ll see in many pictures of tulips that the petals have some slight wrinkles and subtle curves along the edges of the petals. Also, maybe consider putting some of the flowers in different stages of growth, so while some of the petals may appear more open, some might look more closed.

Also, if you’re going for realism, you might want to take a look at the metal bands on the barrel. They look more like plastic as opposed to your tray which looks very much like metal. Again, part of that is your lighting and the direction it’s coming from.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile: