Need some suggestion(female body modelling)

I’ve been creating this model for weeks now.

Am I going too crazy with unnecessary detail too early?

I feel like I’ve added too much geometry(although I tweaked them whenever I added them so that they makes sense in terms of topology), before adding more features of body.

How does it look overall?

Natural? Unnatural?

I need some advice before I move on :smiley:


The overall proportions look quite good, not your classic runway model but perfectly acceptable and proportional. There are a few places where the topology looks odd and there’s an overabundance of vertices and edges, though. On the front upper chest in the clavicle area, you could probably remove a loop or even two. Keep only what you need to describe significant features like the collarbone. The same is true for the breasts, the area just below the sternum, and midway between the belly button and the pubic area. Clusters of edges like these can create deformation issues if you plan to animate the model.

The specific topology of the shoulder area, mainly the deltoid region, will also present you with deformation issues because it stretches a great deal during extreme arm movement, and for that you need a different loops structure. Check out the Nezina thread in my sig for some ideas about shoulder topology and female mesh structure in general.

Anatomically it’s not extremely accurate but well inside the natural-looking ballpark, save for one feature – the biceps twist oddly as they travel from the shoulder/underarm area to the inside of the elbow. The biceps are very straight in their long dimension, as that is their main direction of contraction. The back of the elbow joint needs some more attention and detail, something looks a bit broken there.

The legs are nicely shaped but also need some detailing to better block out the muscle masses, to match what’s been done elsewhere. The knees in particular are too tubular, with little indication of the underlying bones which run very near the surface in that region.

The back is off somewhat, with the bottom edge of the scapulas being too high, and the muscles bulging a bit much in some areas (like between the scapulas) and laying too flat in others (as in the upper lumbar region where the back meets the butt). But the topology there looks reasonable if not yet ideal.

And she seems to be missing hands, feet and a head, but you probably already knew that :wink:

Thank you sooooooo much for a detailed critique.

I think I should have blocked out features more accurately before adding more edges.

Because I added too many edges before blocking them out, I just went outta control and started losing natural feel.

Your anatomical suggestions and every bit of info was exactly what I needed and they are priceless!

I am planning to retopologize the whole mesh with less geometry.

Then I should add hands and feet before moving on to details because new edges on arms and feet will affect them too.

I will post the progress as I go and will need some suggestions again.

thanks again! :slight_smile:

Not sure you need to retopo the mesh, it’s not so far off that it couldn’t be improved with careful removal of edge loops and merging vertices. And it does have a number of good aspects to it that are worth preserving. But use your own judgement there.

looks good, but the knees seem to be lacking definition compared to the rest of the mesh

overall it looks natural but you kinda exaggerated the sex appeal a little. the way the back is arched back and the butt sticks out makes it look like she is wearing high heels. if you wanna have that its better to do it later with animations.
the legs have a similar problem… overall having a more relaxed pose helps with animating.
its not a big deal tho… if you plan your rig carefully you can get good results with a model like this… but its easier on the joints.
that is… if you’re going to rig the model at all.

about detailing too soon… well you should do the hands feet and head before you add any more of it.

what you’ve got right there looks great, but you dodged all the hardest parts of anatomy. i hope to see a complete model soon.

@Modron, My next step was to develope knee and elbow detail

but yeah, I should have posted with some more details lol

@MoreDread, In fact, the reference model does have heels on!!

wow, i kinda expected people noticing it because of the pose but i didn’t know it would be that easy to notice.

another good point i should keep in mind.

should use new reference to relax the model a little bit.

thank you!!

the edgeloop is great. I want to see the final work. keep working

Just thought I’d chip in with heel posture effect on lower spine. I was under the impression that heels actually straighten the spine. I don’t have a heeled reference to hand so I can’t directly compare, but here is a reference image that may back up the sex appeal effect that MoreDread mentioned- and the feet are flat.

Edit: Heeled reference I looked at (Blenderella photo images) definately has straight posture.

Keep in mind that such reference photos are highly posed, and may not reflect “comfortable” posture regardless of heel position. For example, the model’s hands and arms are likely raised in a T-pose in the above shot, which changes body weight centering significantly and requires spinal adjustment to compensate, generally arching the back a bit. So her spine is probably not as “straight” as it would be if she were in a classic contrapposto stance, with arms at her sides or only mildly flexed. Also, if she has any dance or gymnastics training, it’s almost a reflex to assume that arched back posture when the arms are raised, because it looks good as well as improving balance centering.

All poses engage the entire body in some fashion. When modeling, it’s not always necessary to adhere to any particular pose regimen. For example, I find the T-pose as it’s usually done more difficult for an animated figure than one with arms at about a 60 degree down angle, because that is more the center of the shoulder’s range of motion than is straight out to the sides. Plus the shoulder-wide foot stance makes modeling and weighting the groin and crotch areas easier, but lowers the body somewhat compared to a feet-together stance or that usually used when walking. So all poses for modeling are per force somewhat of a compromise.

good mod ! very good chest mod yes

  • I think that the fold of the arm just after the biceps is too much on the forearm.
  • the upper leg seems wider than the buttocks (thanks google-traduction for anatomy parts)
  • I think there are too much edges arround the belly and the tits
  • I dont see the knees and elbows