Need some tip!!!

Hi, I have made my scenery and I have this problem: I need to move only with camera view (when moving with mouse) but not with the whole body as it is normally done. IFor example, when I look right and press W for walk forward, I need to walk not in the direction right, but in the direction I was looking before. Thanks a lot, for some tip and help

Sounds like you’re going to have to put a location constraint on the camera, so it moves with the body, along with separate rotation controls for it so you can look around while the body continues in it’s own line of motion. You’ll probably want a “re-center” camera control too, for when you’re done looking around. I have no idea how to do that, someone else might.

Another option might be to have several cameras, one looking ahead, another to the left, another to the right, and use controls to switch cameras.