Need somebody to help me with topology

Hi, I spent lots of time making a model and now the topology is terrible. I would appreciate it if somebody could help me with this.
boat.blend (740.9 KB)
Here is the model.

You still have many problems with the mesh…a lot of edges can be dissolved and edges do not join with others…I took and spent a few minutes and cleaned up here and there, trying to keep the general shape you had…and a quick UV, that can be better, if the mesh is completed.
boat-2.blend (672.4 KB)

Thank you. I tried dissolving edges before but that made my topology worse. Also, does pressing “F” a lot while joining edges make your topology bad?

Here you go.

  1. don’t force yourself to make a model only from one mesh shell. ( the glass shield and the body of the boat can be separated)
    2.make a good habit of only having four sided polys (3 sided polys if necessary in some places) boat_fix.blend (631.9 KB)

Oh I thought it was good practice to have one mesh shell.