Need someone to convert a drawing of symbol to model. Will discuss price


I’m working on a short and indie film and we have used a drawing/symbol in it to sort of tie everything together. I’d like to maybe display it at the end before the credits but as a 3D model I could animate (just move/rotate the whole think likely) in After Effects for a couple of seconds.

I am willing to discuss a price and more details, and possibly even have you animate it a little if you have any ideas for it/could do it better than me. I will also credit you as a 3D-Artist in the film. Please note that not much money is left as we near the end of post.

Here is the symbol. Obviously this is a sketch, and would like take a little more work than converting this image to an obj or something… I’m not totally sure, especially because i’m not a 3d artist or as godly as you guys. I appreciate any help or tips!

What is this? A Snake-Brid & a Dog-Dragon twisting their heads in the middle?

I would be interested in helping you. Shoot me an email at [email protected] if interested.