Need someone to create simple demo

Hey guys its me again. :o

So anyway, I need someone’s urgent help and it would be the biggest favor I could possibly ask for.

Basically, I’m after a demo .blend file which demonstrates a movable player collecting different powerups on a basic plane that:
-scale his size up
-scale his size down
-Change his mass
-Change his Speed
-Allow him to jump higher

Even if someone could show me this with simple cubes and spheres that would be great.

If you are willing to help let me know. Its pretty urgent so if someone could show me this in a .blend file it would save many lives…well in a way anyway :wink:
Thanks in advance anyway.

ok i will do it it is easy use state it could be done or object ebit let me see

You don’t know how much help you are doing right now. BTW its almost 3AM here and I cant figure this out lol.

here you go try to do the grow one here the file i hope is help

but i will still work on it after i done and you will help to ok

my email [email protected]

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I tried this file but the player cant seem to pick up any of the powerups he just goes straight through and his size starts off stretched :frowning:

EDIT: Nevermind, I installed version 2.47 and it works a little better. But the powerups still don’t do anything you can just pick them up.

the red one make you jump higher be4 you start up/down space bar for jump jump first then up the red one you could see you jump higher left and right for rot

The red one seems to stretch him and he cant jump but the green one when picked up the player can jump as high as possible.

Yeah, here’s mine with python.

The black cube moves with WASD, green increases speed, blue increases size and yellow increases jump.

Each of them has an ‘increase’ property. If you want it to make the black cube decrease a value, turn that property into a negative.


simple pickup.blend (166 KB)

Bluesocarrot Thanks so much!

which variables can I change to adjust the amount of speed and jump etc in the python code?

The base line speed and jump can be changed on the black cube in the property section. This is in the game logic bar, under the purple actor buttons. Increase or decrease those values and you change what it starts off as.

The same can be said about the pick ups. Change the word in the property “pickUp” to size, speed or jump and it will add the property ‘increase’ to the baseline value.

In other words, increase or decrease the ‘increase’ value in order to change the amount it picks up.

You don’t have to do anything to the python code to do what you’re asking, its just too well designed for that. :cool:

Just PM me if you want a detailed explanation of the code.

So basically you are a genius Bluesocarrot :smiley:

If I run into more problems I’ll let you know. Thanks so much.

wow that was better then my now you got your help think you kjt 15