Need someone to finish up the rigging on a 3d model for streaming

Hello everyone!

I am currently in a bit of a pickle and need someone to help finish up the rigging on a 3d Model for streaming.

I already made a simple rig for the model and finished a large portion of weight painting. However they’re still some smalI mesh issues I was struggling with and honestly, I’m still not too sure if I did it properly since this is my first time attempting to rig a model.

I plan to use the model for streaming on Twitch and hope to use a program such as Luppet or VSeeFace to track my movements through a webcam.

I would say as of right now, I have completed roughly 80% of the rigging in blender. I believe the model also needs to be optimized and reduced in scale for performance. ( The model atm is at 320k poly) The Main reason as to why I’m not able to complete it myself is simply a matter of work. I have other projects not related to modeling that need my attention and unfortunately I just cant find the time to do both.

I am willing to pay anyone what they think would be a fair price for the work, even if its a very small amount of work. I’m mostly interested in just getting the model rigged and ready to be used for streaming soon. (within the next couple of weeks ideally)

If you’re interested, the best way to contact me would be through email at [email protected] or through direct message on this forum.

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check my pm, thanks.

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