Need someone to finish water flow animation


We have a water flow animation that I would say is about 90% done. It needs camera panning, adjustment to some of the debris that floats on top of the water, and some water tweaking at the beginning of the animation. The total time for the animation is 800 frames. The bad side to this is that it would need to be done no later than thursday evening. If someone were to want to do this, they would need multiple computers to get this rendered fast enough. It’s going into a keynote presentation, so at this time, I wouldn’t need to have a 1920x1080 finished piece unless you have the power to generate that in a timely manner. Just to note, if we can pull this off, there are two other pieces that they will want us to do that involve water. This is my first posting and it sounds like I can’ t put a link in here, so I don’t know how to give you my example.


You can have people PM you for details. Or you can spell out the link so we can use it as a reference to type it into the browser properly.

Thanks Richard. Yes they are welcome to email me at chad at (member name) dot com for more info so I can get a quote. The first link is my version of what the company wanted. It didn’t turn out well because I’ve never worked with water before and was done in Modo. Second link is closer to what they want but with changes. This one was done by bringing my Modo version into Blender and applying the new water, etc. 1. w w w dot (member name) dot com slash Modo slash SQU-sm.m4v 2. w w w dot (member name) dot com slash Modo slash


I am looking for water flowing works in Blender
My Water flowing in Blender please see here

[email protected]

The link doesn’t work, it downloads a 1KB file.

I retyped it and it worked fine. The only words that start capitalized should be Modo, Storm Water Unit Render Test. Please try again.