Need someone to help me make things imported from Daz look good on Blender


This is a paid job offer with very particular tasks to implement.
I’m Cintia, an artist working on a generative project that needs several 3D traits to be randomized on my character with any of the existing tools at hand.

This is a project I’m doing to fund surgery I need, I already have a small team but we still lack this important key role.

You would be working hand in hand with me as I’m more a digital painter than a 3D artist, playing with 3D assets and using my fashion designing skills to create garments for my characters.

Cause of my lack of experience, I’ve been using Daz for my character creation, mostly cause of the ease it offers to create them and add hair with 0 experience.

Unfortunately, this trait randomization I need to generate all these images, can’t be done in Daz, so I intend to export everything to Blender. I successfully moved my character and backdrop to it but of course, Iray is not the same as other rendering systems.

So what I need is:

  • Someone to make all the shaders, surfaces, and lighting look as similar as possible as they do in Daz but in Blender.

There is no deadline for now as my disability makes it impossible for me to plan anything long term. We would work slowly but surely.

Regarding payment, we are discussing with the team which % everybody will get, it will be fair and according to everybody’s level of implication in the project.

If interested, please email me at [email protected] as I might miss your reply in here.

thank you in advance!

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Hello Cintia and welcome to blenderartists !

Unfortunately I won’t be able to help but what you’re asking seems manageable.
I don’t have twitter either, so I’ve seen only a few pictures that I find really cool, until twitter ask me to create an account :S
You’ve got a great visual universe !
I’m sure you’ll find people willing to help and I hope you’ll manage to get your project done as soon as possible !

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