Need someone to help me with my node setups

Hey guys,

I definitely need someone to check out my node setup in cycles.

Basically I tried the whole color/normal/specularity/occlusion stuff with 3 different textures and they are all on the same material.
The problem is that it doesnt work out quite well, f.e. I try to restrict the glossy and diffuse shaders to their particular textures but can’t get it done right.

So whoever could give me some live support, just send me ur skype details or post them here, or we could also just chat.
I can tell you about the game I’m working on and I’ll probably make a decent NPC for you too!


Preferably, post either your blend-file or at least a screen shot of your noodle graph.

Skype and live-chat are problematic because you really can’t see it, nor step back and study it before responding.

Lol, never heard this before.
Don’t be scared I’m a very real guy and was just looking for help.
Anyways I came up with the solution myself, probably gonna post another thread when I have trouble again, so see you. ^^’