Need someone to make a Animation for me.

(Garaa) #1

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a animation of a hot air balloon being inflated with basic landscape in the backround. I have the balloon inflating already done , but require someone to add a flame to the burner and have it ascend into the sky. I would like it rendered and , for the animation to be around 25 to 30 seconds long. I am press for time , as i need it by tomorrow morning or more likely today.

  It doesn't have to be super detailed , I have the model for the balloon and everything. It shouldn't take to long , as for payment I can pay by pay pal with a amount that we both can agree on. Please let me know.

(Garaa) #2

Still looking , pressed for time here.

(jacobo) #3

I replied to your email 2.5 hours later, no response from you…