Need someone to make this model work as a VRM

I need someone to convert this blender model to vrm. I tried to do it myself through unity, but not all of the bones animated, and neither did shape keys. I’m on a time crunch right now, so I’m tired of trying to teach myself at the moment, I need this done like… now. XD it doesn’t matter what programs you use to do it, i just need it to be a fully functioning vrm to use for vtubing. my budget is not great, so i’d love a volunteer to do this. if price is needed, it can be discussed. here is a video of what i’m talking about:

i create avatars in vroid studio, which you can then download as a VRM to use in programs that support it. i imported the model into blender to edit it. i then followed multiple tutorials that told me to export it as an FBX, import it to unity, and export to VRM. the first model in the video is the original VRM, and the second one is the end result of me trying to do this. as you can see, certain bones don’t move (hair, earrings, eyes, and breasts), and the facial expression is frozen. i want my avatar i edited in blender to work like the original.

i’m not great at explaining things, so let me know if you need clarification. can anyone help me out?