Need someone to make this model work as a VRM

i posted this in volunteer work, but i got no responses.

I need someone to convert this blender model to vrm. I tried to do it myself through unity, but not all of the bones animated, and neither did shape keys. I’m on a time crunch right now, so I’m tired of trying to teach myself at the moment, I need this done like… now. XD it doesn’t matter what programs you use to do it, i just need it to be a fully functioning vrm to use for vtubing. my budget is not great, so let me know your preferred price, and we can discuss that. here is a video of what i’m talking about:

i create avatars in vroid studio, which you can then download as a VRM to use in programs that support it. i imported the model into blender to edit it. i then followed multiple tutorials that told me to export it as an FBX, import it to unity, and export to VRM. the first model in the video is the original VRM, and the second one is the end result of me trying to do this. as you can see, certain bones don’t move (hair, earrings, eyes, and breasts), and the facial expression is frozen. i want my avatar i edited in blender to work like the original.

i’m not great at explaining things, so let me know if you need clarification. can anyone help me out?

when thinking about price, things to consider are resources, time it takes to complete, and effort. the programs i used were all free, and it took me a few hours to come up with my problematic rendition. i’m an artist too, so i understand commissions, work, time, effort, all that stuff. i’m not someone from like r/choosingbeggars or anything, which is why a price discussion is very important. i want to make sure that you know i understand why i’m paying you, and so you can help me understand your asking price. i’ll say now, realistically, if i were to take this job, i think i’d ask for ten dollars. that’s my preferred budget, but i can go to twenty if needed. if you think this project is worth more than that, i would be willing to negotiate. i really need this done, so i really want to be open to negotiation. AND ALSO exposure. my audience isn’t huge, but i’ll definitely credit you when the model is used. that’s just fair.

Try glTF format from Blender into Unity (you may need to grab an import plugin). glTF (especially glTF v2) is way more reliable and robust. FBX is oldskool.

You mean to say tried and true, but yes it might be worth a try. I suspect however that with the right export settings fbx should work fine tho.

i don’t have skype

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