Need someone to model/animate this Backrooms monster for my game

I’m making a game about the Backrooms and I need someone to model an entity. The entity name is the partygoer it has been removed from the wiki but I’m still adding it to my game. The entity look like a person in a costume and it head is square. Hands are mittens and it skin is a yellow fleece and it has a painted on face a red smiley face and it holds a balloon if you someone makes this you will be credited in my game thank you

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Will I get a notification when someone want to model this monster?

If someone ll be on the subject, if he use the reply button under your post. You ll be notified, as in every categories. Or you can be summoned like this. @Pizza888

Hey, I can do it for credits in game ;). But may I see how the game looks like now? Is it almost finished, or in plans (not even started yet)?

the game haven’t been made yet I’m making the entities first before the game. Do you want me to use your blender artist username for the credits or a different name?

When your finish modeling the partygoer will you send it on this post?

I can model it tomorrow if I’ll have some free time. I thought you already have you know, levels, few at least, some basic mechanics. Also I can rig it, but I’m not good at animating characters, at least now. And also I can make one monster, but if you want few models more, you need to show me the progress in your game ;). And about credits you can use Marek Czapla, because still I’m not sure if I’ll leave Varlen Studio as it is or I’ll change it in near future. If I’ll finish, I’ll send you screen here and I’ll send it on mediafire so you can download it

I have the levels planned but not in a game yet. And could you model the smiler? It a monster with a glowing smiley face that’s are in dark area of backrooms levels

I love smiler, and I know The Backrooms. Okay then which one? Smiler or partygoer? Like I said one monster > progress visible > another monster > progress etc

The partygoer. This entity will probably be in a few levels like level fun , the end and maybe level 10

Just started

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Fingers are not rigged, but I think it doesn’t looks bad. Tell me first are you gonna make this game on Unity or Unreal?

I’m using unreal engine and the partygoer looks amazing

Could you make his hand look more like this? It’s ok if you can’t

You mean the shape, or texture as well?

Just the shape the texture is really good

I’ll do it today at evening or tomorrow, because it requires remodelling of his hands and retexturing and today you know, not much time. I could just merge these two fingers, but then seam would be visible on textures and that wouldnt look okay

I made a discord for the game if you want to join it

I can check the discord from time to time. I think now it’s what you wanted. I’m still learning, that’s why left arm looks a bit bigger near shoulder, but it’s because of the armature, if it’s in T-pose, both sides are equal. Tell me if you want a download link for the model. I don’t use Unreal Engine, so this will be my first attempt to export textures into it.