Need someone to model, rig, and texture character

Hello I’m looking for somebody good to model, texture, and rig 5 characters. I am making a FNaF fan game yes cringe I know, it’s going to be a showbiz pizza style fan game the 5 characters I need are: Billy Bob, Fatz, Mitzi, looney bird, and the Showbiz mech. These need to have fully moveable legs, and the mech I would love to have a little bit of the FNaF aspect to it but keep it looking like the real thing just mainly make the legs look like they are meant to move and have joints or something. You can find pictures for reference. Now for payment the price is negotiable as I don’t know how much this all would cost. Sorry about grammar and/or spelling errors I typed this up quick.


What’s the timeline/timeframe for this job? Can people take as long as they need to make all 5 characters from scratch, or do you need them by a set date?

I’m very good with character modelling and texturing -specially robots-, and I know enough about rigging,

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