Need someone to rig a character for RWBY fan project


I’m working on a RWBY fan project, and we’re waiting for the last model we’ll need to start animating. However, as I tried out the main character’s rig, I noticed that it’s… really hard to use and very counter-intuitive. I’d like to re-rig the whole thing, however I have no experience whatsoever with rigging and I’m pretty sure I can’t pull it off.

So yeah, would anyone be willing to help out? Rig doesn’t need to be super fancy, as long as clipping is mostly avoided. The face will need a more advanced rig though so we can get a wide emotional range out of the character.

Here’s a showreel of what we have so far:

Please message me on Discord or send me an email if you’re interested!

Email: [email protected]

Discord: Gui#0461

Hello There,

I can help you certainly for that Kindly Check PM


For Blender I would recommend you to use the Rigify rig. It’s easy to setup for a rigger and most important: it works pretty well and it has become almost an standard in the Blender community (meaning that many animators will be familiar with it).

There was a misunderstanding with GilbertL: They were under the impression that this was a paid job. So yeah, we’re gonna need someone else to do the rig after all. And I really need to clarify: This job is unpaid, as the core team is a group of college students without a budget.

It would help if you would show the character wireframe, because most of things people want done is not even usable.

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