Need someone who can model!!

Hello all,
Not sure where I can post this or if I can. I would like something modeled, not sure where to ask, I am a blender user. But frankly I suck at modeling, and time constraints do not allow much time for learning. So I would like to commission someone to model a logo for me. Where would be the best place to pose this question.


More info s’il vous plait.

yeah, give more info.

You want to comission someone? that means pay him?
I’m always ready for job :slight_smile:

“Show me the money”


Sure, I might be able to help, what is it you need done?

The concept of the logo is a BETASP tape that has paint dripping from it. It would be in a cartoon shader kinda of look. I will post a mock-up of it tonight when I get home to give everyone a better idea.

Why not make a contest out of it? there’s a contest forum down near the bottom of the forums page. you’re bound to get a good amount of entries… especially if there’s a prize involved.

Cheat Activated! 10000 minerals and 10000 gas has been added :wink: starcraft is sw00t

if its cartoon style, then it may be better/more appropriate to have it done in 2d, unless it needs to rotate or something.