Need someone who can setup a single Rig and shape keys for a simple object


Here is the reference object.

The work is to set up a simple Rig that controls the angle between A-B. Also, A, B, and C will also independently change their length, width, and overall thickness using shape keys. The screw holes will also be able to change the size and move on their respective planes.

Screw holes will also need to be able to switch on and off and turn two off on plane A so there will only be two remaining. This work of turning on and off can be done by setting up hole-less and with two holes parallel objects with the same rig and same shape keys.

Once done, you will take a copy of all these and make them all flat open, although the shape keys will be the same on these flat open ones as well, so all of them correspond to each other.

I need this completed ASAP.

Please tell me how much you will change and how soon can you deliver.?

Waqas Malik

hi Waqas, is this still available?

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