Need someone with a strong computer to do a final render for me

As a student, I don’t really have a very strong computer (especially sense she’s about 5 years old, now). Rendering with 24 samples takes about 9-10 hours (not sure if that’s average for most people, or I screwed something massive up). I need to get this file rendered, as well as start on a brand new scene. Of course, I can’t start the new scene with this thing rendering, and I really can’t afford to lose anymore time.
If anyone’s up for rendering this for me, I’ll post the .blend file. Thank you!

Let me know a little about it and where the computational bottleneck is…

Just throw the .blend up ready to have render pressed and I can do it.

All thats needed is to hit render, just like smxham

I have Intel I7 4770K 3.5GHz and GTX 770 OC 2GB
It took a minute for the rendering to actually start displaying, so I thought it was broken or something. For reasons, I started with GPU render (nothing), then switched to CPU, but it was taking too long so I stopped it and switched to GPU render and went to the store.

CPU Render Time:37:18:95 (incomplete < 60%)

GPU Render Time:20:01:50

The CPU render seems to have a more vibrant…the bright light things inside of the flower, it’s more visible.
So I don’t know if you’d really care much as to which render would’ve been used.

If I were to re-render this on CPU, I would have to do it before I go to sleep because it was lagging my computer until I blocked one of my CPU cores, which then it seemed to be still rendering but I couldn’t see any progress (at about 12 minutes in, where it also stopped showing time).

These renders are perfect (altough, it seems I might have misclicked the sky plane and accidentally resized it too small before I uploaded the file -.- I can fix that pretty easily with some photoshopping, so no big deal) . Thank you so much for your help!