Need something to model.

As the title suggests, I’m looking for something to model. I’m not very good and was looking for something to fully model and texture (even though I haven’t learned to texture yet). So please make some suggestions, please keep the suggestion as simple stuff as, like I said, I’m not very good. Just looking to improve. Thanks.

a pencil
tougher than it sounds.
it also allows you to concentrate all your efforts in one tiny thing and go for ultra realism

I’m doing the exact same thing. I’m working on a fork because I wanted to play with the curve modifier… I’ve been piddling for a little while.


Pretty good looking fork, only thing I could tell with it was, where the prongs start, it seemed to flatten out really fast instead of rounding outward.

K, so I did the pencil, but ended up with a few problems that I’m not sure how got there… (mesh only, no texture)

Mesh Render:


I don’t really want to texture something that has problems, because that’ll probably frustrate me more than noticing those problems in the first place. Anyway, feedback is welcomed. Thanks.

And 2.2 seconds ago I started messing around with Vertex Paint (which i haven’t the slightest idea what it does) and arrived at this beautiful work of art.

Beautiful Work of Art:

So I completely don’t know what vertex paint is, and/or how to use it, and/or how to get it to show up in an actual render.

That is all.

spend time getting the model right. don’t jump the gun.
the challenge lies in making it realistic first.

ps: i don’t know about vertex paint either

First of all, what I’d suggest modeling is a simple building. Also, simple texturing lesson. If that is all one mesh, You need to go into edit mode and select different vertex groups. If it’s not all one just select the part that you want to texture. Then you need to add a new texture which is under the panel that looks like a square in edit mode. Then go to the circle panel and you can select your colour and under shaders you can select spec(ularity) which udjusts shinyness. Repeat for each individual texture.

Hope you got all that.

Oh and I’m not sure it’s possible to have vertex paint in render.

BTW, eris did you model that? That is good.

Tweaked the fork for a few minutes in the early morning hours…
How’s the pencil coming along?