Need special extrusion

Hi, all!

As far as I can see, when you extrude a surface, it is actually moved, not copied. As a result the original surface ( the “base” ) is lost and if you need it you have to re-create it. So my question is : can you extrude a surface while keeping the original ?

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a workaround to that is to select the faces that are going to be extruded

press SHIFT+D to duplicate them , then enter
The duplicated faces will be the one selected

Extrude those faces

Select all -> W -> Remove Doubles

And you’re done, the extrusion is done and the original faces are still there

Very nice, Sanctuary ! Seriously, I’d never thought of that :slight_smile: Many thanks.

Ain’t you ending in non-manifolds by removing doubles?

Although Sanctuary has given you a way to do this you haven’t told us why you want to have this geometry. I for one see absolutely no use for this and can think of any number of serious problems down the line when you do this. Just a tip!