Need specs for mid/high end cycles animation rendering machine (2018)?

(JohnN) #41

Thanks for all the advice; I shall ponder it all before proceeding.
I shall also be watching the new HW 2019 thread which has been very educational already regarding M.2 vs U.2.


(Blended_Blue) #42

parts have arrived! hope to have some benchmarks soon.

(birdnamnam) #43

Looking good! What a nice collection you have there! I’m waiting to see the final build!

(Blended_Blue) #44

Here are some pics of the tower:


bmw27_gpu @ 1920x1080 - 100%

time: 1:57:67

E-Cycles - Render interiors under a minute with cuda
E-Cycles - Render interiors under a minute with cuda
(birdnamnam) #45

Ooohh! Sweet! This is an eyegasm!
And the bench time is good too. Happy blending my friend. What are your first impressions from this rig?

(Blended_Blue) #46

I like how those photos came out, but then noticed one of the rad fans is not illuminated… oh well,

As for first impressions, it is the most responsive PC I have ever used.
And it runs Blender 2.8 like a dream!!! hands down best investment I could have made for $4K.

Thanks for all your advice!

(birdnamnam) #47

You’re welcome. It was a pleasure. Have you downloaded Gpu-Z or cpu-z to see how are the pcie lanes distributed? I’m curious to see if x16 are assigned to both 2080tis. They should be.
How about the case. Is it quiet enough? And the Cooler Master AIO too.

(mathieu) #48

I render this scene in 2min25s at 100% using a single 1080Ti. If you buy a Ferrari car body, put a Ferrari motor inside :slight_smile:
The photos look cool.

(Pixelfox) #49

Hey, do you have an NVLink cable between the 2080Tis? This has at least the potential to provide the full 22GB of linked GPU memory for Cycles rendering (at some performance cost). I don’t know if it will require changes to Cycles to support this or not (it probably does). It works today in Octane and Vray I believe.

(Tanki) #50
Hey I know this isn’t exactly what you are looking for but I suggest using this build to make a node render farm for cheap. Just push all your animation projects off to the farm while you keep working.

(Blended_Blue) #51

That’s a neat idea!

Do you have a mobo/cpu or could give any cycles benchmark results?

I wonder how $4k worth of those (~11 systems - or - 88 cores) would compare to two 2080ti’s for cycles animations?

(Tanki) #52

Well what’s most important here is the RAM. That board can go up to 64GB if you’re scene on the 2080ti’s is more than 11GB then you are out of luck it won’t render. I would also suggest buying your RAM for the future say you have a project that exceeds 32GB the computer will off load the rest on to the HDD which will slow down the whole process greatly.

So my suggestion would be if you go for this route max the RAM like in this part list.
I added two RAM sets from different manufactures. The Corsair RAM is slightly more expensive but it has a faster CAS of 9 compared to G.skills set at CAS 10. This isn’t all that important to what you are trying to accomplish here unless you are making it for gaming. The GB’s matter more than the CAS. Just for options I added that in it’s only $5 more.

The best part about node setups you can just keep adding on more nodes as long as the RAM matches the rest if you go under, that node will slow down the rest if the scene is too big.

Hey and when they aren’t rendering for your animation set them up to mine some bitcoins and pay themselves off.

Edit: You might have to buy stuff like this if you want to hit the 64GB mark for this motherboard since it only has 4 dimm slots. RAM has become really expensive these days (and its also where most of your money will go to for these builds).

I always suggest checking ebay for new cheap stuff found a few brand new fx-8350’s on there for $24 each and free shipping. Or some cheap $4 300w PSU’s pulled out of some useless Dell.

(joseph raccoon) #53

If it is just cycles rendering you are after, it would be tempting to use a motherboard forbitcoin mining and fill with gtx video cards, You may only have one fill 16x pcie slot on those boards but you can use a 1x-to-16 extender cable and it will have more than enough bandwith for pushing out tiles in your renders.

But just so it is said, it would also make a kinda crappy workstation for most other applications, but these setups do work nice for render nodes and HPC setups.

As an aside, used gtx video cards can be quite inexpensive if you wish to buy them in bulk

(Blended_Blue) #54

Awesome looking MB there!

Could you please share example of what a 1x-to-16 extender cable is/does? Or where to find a proper one?

(Blended_Blue) #55

Just took a look and both are 16x.

I am curious now if the nvlink cable will do anything as Pixelfox mentioned.

(birdnamnam) #56

For rendering SLI is usually slowing things down. Have you tried without the nvlink? If it isn’t too much trouble, try it and post your times here.
Nvlink must be supported by the software in order to see the Vram of both cards added. I don’t think this is the case here.
For viewports, sli shouldn’t have an impact either, afaik.

(joseph raccoon) #57

You will need external powersupplies for these,

But some quick pcie 101:

A16x pcie bus has 16 in and out lines and quite often they are not being all used at the same time, each line is an in and out and your 16x card will work quite nicely in a 8x slot and normally will only result in a loss of a few FPS in gaming, and at 4x it will start to get a little tight for gaming.

Now you ‘can’ use just a pcie1 for this and be able to have a desktop experience on that card, but when it is just one buss that single buss is doing all the work of the data in and data out of the card, very much not ideal for a desktop or gaming experience much less solid 3d design work on the cards on a pcie1 (although i would suggest trying it once or twice, just because it can make for some fun and fairly safe at home experimentation, and it is actually kinda workable in a laptop feeling kinda way).

But…I’ve played around with using these setups and cards off of ebay and for making just render nodes it does quite well. for instance I just picked up a lot of gtx 960s with 4 gig of ram ( for 60 dollars each) and while 2.8 seems to get a little flakey with more than 4 cards sometimes it is still in a beta stage. Just keep in mind if you are doing ebay shopping for these it will be used bitcoin miner cards…expect a few of them not to work and inspect each of them in a test machine before putting it in any system that you care about.

(Lalaland) #58

I am about to try this later today , with this motherboard

This PSU

And a few GTX cards .
I was concerned about the 1x , but it might work fine, lets see.

Having said that , are there any network renderers that can distribute a still image ?
Crowdrender does that , pretty amazing but I am having some workflow problems with it, would love to try something else.

(joseph raccoon) #59

There is, but I normally just end up using the shared folder/dropbox method, just turn on placeholder files and disable overwrite. There are many network renderers but the downside of using those is that if you are going to scam anyone into helping you they need to be able to understand those instructions, but anyone can understand how to do a dropbox.
(each instance will need to manually rerout to the dropbox folder from a root drive)

(Lalaland) #60

Do you mean for animations ? I was thinking about something that would allow me to use multiple computers to render one still image.