Need suggestion for a good tutorial on posing

I’m just getting back to Blender after a long illness. I was a little more than a beginner, maybe almost intermediate, but I can model a mesh OK, and I can create and edit an armature. I can parent the mesh to the armature and fix weight paint if needed. But I have no idea how to go from rest pose to another pose and SAVE the motion along the time line. In other words, the rigging doesn’t animate. I have looked for tutorials, but I haven’t found any that actually shows how to make the various poses along the timeline, the way keyframes do for object animation. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

This is the best tutorial on animation that I have found. You will find what you need in there and a lot more.

There are a few free tuts on there that will also cover what you are asking about. Search for the Baker animation tutorials by David Ward.

Good luck!