Need suggestion to my work

Im rendering the scene got doubt. The clouds and the reflection in the water not matching looks fake. The water color is turquoise blue and the cloud color is white and blue. Is it looking realistic or fake. If not then how can i make it look more realistic. Thanks

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As far as I know, natural water (if not dirty) tends to be completely reflective, with it’s blue color coming from the sky alone. Try completely desaturating the water color and see if it looks more natural.

The water does look a little too green I think? Something else that might help is adding some haze to make the mountains feel more distant. With how sharp they are now it almost seems like they’re small and close rather than large and far. Very nice scene overall!

I agree with ethan. Now the mountains look like they could be anything between 5 meters to 5 kilometers high. Some DOF and/or some buildings/vegatation in the waterfront could help.

Another fun thing to try is to put the sun behind the camera, letting you put a streak in the water(?) but certainly some warmer yellow light on those cold, icy mountains. I have no idea how it would actually work out, but you can easily try it on for size! :slight_smile: