need suggestions for a name*[now 3 diff pics.]

here it is, i’m not going to say anything, just let ppl interpret it how they want, and suggest names [now with a second version, good for wallpapers]:
*I’ve added the rings, the 3rd pic

wizards staff?

its a pretty cool piece :smiley:

Looks like some bitchin’ evil ring in close up. Very mediEVIL. BTW, how did you do the glowing crystal?

Orange peeler 2000+?
Isn’t that an orange in there?

Just kiddng, looks amazing!

Could be an exploding orange lozenge on a protective metal clamp.

Orb of smooching?

Eye of the scorpion. It is very obvious. Two scorpion doodlyhoodlys joining and they have this ball they’re playing it with, and we call it an eye.

Eye of course. Ignore my reply it’s just . . . Have to stop writing these these boards at 5 in the am. I wouldn’t have said anythng if I hadn’t thought the image was very nice. The orb’s material is just juicy. The metal is good. I like the whole concept.

Ok, can’t help it. There’s another stupid concept getting ready to be thrown out. Ready? The pitch is up and, Orb of the imaculate fruit pickers union? :slight_smile:


you know this makes me instantly think of war of the worlds… for some reason :-?

keep up the nang work!

It’s a “Tug-Orb-War”.

At least that’s what I see. Two opposing sides, vying for possession of the orb :smiley:

How about “3d ink-blot test”, since you have taken an abstract blob of vagueness and challenged us to make the title for you? :expressionless: A little Freudian, if you ask me…

It was Hermann Rorschach not Freud :wink:


lol, you guys have had me laughing all day. I know it’s hard to come up with a serious name, i came up with tonnes of junk, but nothing good:
-The Guardian’s egg yolk
-eye of fate
-the yolk protector
-Paternal Protection
-orange cradle ect.
some more serious ones were: (“Guardian”, “Cradle of Life”)
either way keep them comming serious or not, and i deffinetly agree with Rocketman about the ink blot thing, but i don’t think that works as a name

Guardian’s egg yolk? lol!

Celestial Nutcracker… my new wallpaper. It reminds me of a buttercandy somehow.

Do you own a “Celestial Nutcracker”?

That’s an interesting question I don’t hear everyday: Do I have a Celestial Nutcracker.
I have a plan for a robot body.

!? A robot body? Will it use a celestial nutcracker?

Tell me more about this robot. I’m intrigued. It usually does, doesn’t it?

I’ve never seen a robot use a celestial nutcracker…

Look for it at the video store.

Umm… God vs. The Universe?

I like celestial nutcracker. :stuck_out_tongue:


Guardians egg yolk. Ha.

Wallpaper is great. Just turn that image horizontal and get a whole new view on the Rorschach blots. And now that looks like a cat’s eye.

pic is broken

why not just “the gaurdian’s yolk” ? It does look a bit like some sick orange…

unfortunately i want a serious name, i know that eliminates 90% of the suggestions in the thread, but i’m going to try and submit this for the blender gallery. Either way through out all the names you can, it’s brainstorming, so there are no ‘bad ideas’ at the end of the week i’ll add poll, and try to narrow down my choices. thanks for all of the feedback, and it means alot that a complete stranger somewhere is using it as their wallpaper :smiley: