need suggestions for a name*[now 3 diff pics.]

what about, The Shadow Caster, as in Shadow to be death

HIX:That sounds like it might be a good suggestion, but i don’t quite understand it, could you elaborate? or someone else who understands?

Looks like My Wifes Death Grip.ha ha

I’ve added another pic., i just edited it into the first post, It’s the same model, but with some texture adjustments. I know the pieces are off centre but that is because it’s a good wallpaper and you can put all of your icons along the left side of the screen. still looking for names for either pic 1 or 2

now it looks stranger… a part of an amazonian brassier when they battle on some hot arid planet… keeps some of their places cool though.

Orb of Prometheus

at least I think the first one looks fire-like.

I’ve chosen what i think are the best names, and ones that hopefully represent a wide variety of ideas, and turned it into a poll, so just cast your vote, and if you have the time explain why.

I’ve added a 3rd picture, it’s using the model and settings of the others, but they’ve been changed into rings, and i put bump mapped text along the inside
*this is not a selfish bump, i just editted in the new pic, so i won’t put the post up

I kind of liked the yellow metal look of the first two pics. Are you sure you didn’t change any material settings?

Elementalist Wedding…

your right, i did change some settings, and more noticeably in the first render i had a yellow lamp near the metal. The ring texture wasn’t working out so well with the text so i had to fiddle with the settings till i got something that didn’t stand out so much. I was also attempting to make a more realistic metal material, but i don’t think it was very succesful