Need suggestions on a state fair scene

Hey, guys so I’m making a state fair scene- I really think I should add something, and I just don’t know what. So, I was hoping maybe some of you could give me a suggestion? (Please don’t say roller coaster, I only have 1 day left to finish it) ~Christian

Looks great!

But you’re right, it seems to need something - I can’t quite figure out what, sorry. But things I think of when I think of state fairs are…

Corn dogs
Cotton Candy
Waiting lines
Stuffed animals

Hope my list of fair items helps.

Perhaps you could add a magician thats making the “A Really Fun State Fair Yay” sign float :slight_smile:

Oh yeah!! and fireworks.

Er, how about something in the background?

As it is, there are only a few things in a line next to that pinwheel. There is always something to be seen in the distance.

I would reduce the thickness on the toon edges a little bit also. They overpower the pic.

Hope this helps.

Hey T-Filmer I kinda get the feeling your ballons are heavy and not life like even for the shading this render but i love your work you might want to turn up your ballons reflectivness or give them i slite mirror kinda effect. That would be wonderfull but agian i really love this piece it really catches my eye oh and

       p.s. for some reason my gut is telling me this scene should be at night and you should but those muti collor lights on the ferris weel that would distract the viewer from wondering where all the poeple are :)


mabye add in some motion blur too so that the weel seems to be spinning. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions and replies. I will take them into consideration! :smiley:
Fireworks will probably also enhance the scene. I will work on the balloons and add a few things. I’ll post an update later today. Thanks guys.


I think what may be getting it… is its a cartoon look… but a photo of the sky… maby have pure blue and some cartoon clouds…

That may be true, I’ll work on that. But for now, here is a brighter, less cartoony render-
And I’m not going for photorealism. And I worked on the balloons a bit too.


That looks much better in my opinion… however there looks to be 3 bright spots on the right side of the image that I think should be removed. Maybe they are from visible light sources?

Sorry, about that- I’m thinking about adding a plane that is carrying a sign that says something fair related. ~Chris

You may want to put the text “really fun state fair…” to be aligned with the viewer, so we can see the text from straight on. Or make a wavy banner that hangs from the two poles with the text on it so it feels like it’s a part of the scene.

Hey it should have like two people walking past the camera not to close though.Make it look lke their enjoying themselves that is if you want to

Nice job its really coming to life but i dont know its still missing something oh yeah what darkscar888 said. you need something interacting in this picture well at least thats what i feel somehow i get a visuallazation of a guy on a mega-phone untop one of those podems with one hand in the air pointing a finger and the other well holding the mega phone hes wearing a top hat and one of those black tux’s with the two tails, i don’t know dont ask me what i was thinking it just kinda popped in my head :slight_smile:

You need a Merry go Round! or perhaps just the roof of one off in the distance. And maybe some kind of large tent. Oh, and I don’t think that it’s the right time of day to be having fireworks.

hmmm hes got a point