Need suggestions on what rigging system I should use.

Rigify is messing up and buggy right from the converting stage.
Makehuman I have to limit my rigs to MHX2 imports.
Those are the 2 I’ve tried.
I tried making my own rig but that is problematic as I can’t seem to make a rig that is robust enough.
I’d like to find something that will quickly set up a rig ready to do animation with my models.
I’m trying to avoid bottleneck situations where it takes a lot of manual editing just get some aspect done, for example: I’d like to import a BVH in one click instead of having to assign each bone.
I have dozens of models and I’d like to at least get 1 completely working rig per day or sooner.

I’d like to find a rigging system that has the following:

  • Easy to animate FK and IK.
  • Phoneme mouth shapes.
  • Facial Expression controls.
  • Versatile hand controls.
  • Can take BVH input.
  • Versatile ability to use mesh deform or direct weight paint rigging.
  • Ability to easily add spring or jiggle systems.
  • Quickly go from model to rigged character.
  • Mostly biped but if it can do quadrupeds bonus.
  • Cloth simulation bonus.