need talent for creating something amazing.

Crowd funded Studio? I have been asking around the community, on many different threads, and it seems that every likes the idea of creating a studio that has a high level of involvement with its fans. To the point where the fans get to choose the projects they would like the studio to pursue. This content will be original IP’s.
What will happen is a pitch will be created for each project that the “studio” or creative individuals are considering creating. This will then be presented to the community as the options for the community to choose which one they would rather see. From there, a kick starter campaign will be created to produce the money need for the projects budget. These films/ series will be released either on YouTube, or Vimeo, then eventually on hard copy or digital download for purchase. I am new to this forum, and I created this thread because I am a Blender user, and I believe that the talent I am looking for can be found here.

What I am asking the community for is this:

I am an animator, a designer, a writer, a musician, a VFX guy, story board artist, and many other things. But, I can not create a series, or film to the quality I would want to deliver on by myself. I will need help. What I need is a group of artists from a specific pool of talent to be able to help me create exciting media to promote each individual IP to the community. During the time that this smaller amount of content will be created, the production pipeline needs to be finalized, and quotes from the individuals will need to gathered and given to me so the estimated budget can be finalized.

Essentially, there will be no pay for the development of the media that will be pitched to the community, then once the project is funded every one who wishes to come on board will be paid according to an agreed upon rate for the project that will be proposed after every ones bids are in.

I know that everyone is going to come to this with numerous ideas for projects. I want to keep this simple, and down to 3 genres, and 3 different IP’s for the first go. I have some material that I will share with people who are interested in this kind of online community.

The following qualifications needed are as follows:

After Effects
adobe premier
Speed grade
Music and sound design software.

Excellent fundamental drawing skills.
A keen eye for lighting
an understanding of art history, and composition. (not required, but preferred)
digital painting (not required, but would be helpful)
3D modeling and sculpting experience. Being able to retopo and paint your models would be a benefit.
People specializing in simulations like: water, hair, smoke, clothe, etc.
lighting specialists.
Matte painters.
Sound designers.
Character designers.
World designers.
Social media specialists
web page designers.

You may contact me directly at [email protected]. People who are interested will receive samples of the content that I am looking to develop for this initial go.

Any questions regarding this can be posted in the thread.

IP? Internet Protocol? Investment Portfolio? Instant Popcorn?
“original IP’s” “individual IP” " different IP’s" …What is this “IP” you speak of?

most likely

I think what he means with IP is “intellectual property”.
I know this abbreviation from game industry when they announce new IPs, which are going to be released. I think it’s mostly used as a trendy word, when they actually wanna say “i want to do something new and diffrent”.
Overall your idea sounds good:

  • Gathering Volunteers.
  • Build 3 Teasers/Trailers for the Movie/Series Concepts
  • Let the community decide which one should be done.
  • Crowd Funding for the Project.
  • Win.

Buut you should not waste your time working out 3 Concepts, just to let the community decide. Instead you should sarch a forum, where you get good feedback for Story concepts (or ask 10 friends somewhere else) present the plot or basic story setting of your concepts and ask which one should be produced.
Then you can work on a Teaser/Trailer for Crowd Funding.
Then you can open up a Thread here with:
“Hello guys i have a wonderful Concept for a Movie/Series and have already a complete screenplay, story, dialogs, story boards, aso. Here is a Teaser story board and i also present the Plot. Anybody who wants to join can write me a Message. When you support me you will be in the Credits of the Movie/Series and if we are successfuly with the crowd funding, you will also recieve a fair portion of money”

Why is that better? Because right now you have presented nothing. Volunteers are skeptical, when they see projects with nothing to show. So it’s very unlikely that you will be ever able to produce 3 diffrent projects, just for fun.

You are probably right, cerfribar. But trendy jargon annoys me. The other thing that bothers me is the use of the word “community.”

I have been asking around the community, on many different threads, and it seems that every likes the idea of creating a studio that has a high level of involvement with its fans. To the point where the fans get to choose the projects they would like the studio to pursue. This content will be original IP’s.
What will happen is a pitch will be created for each project that the “studio” or creative individuals are considering creating. This will then be presented to the community as the options for the community to choose which one they would rather see.

This is the OP’s first post here, so obviously the community in question is NOT the BlenderArtist’s community. Fans are mentioned, the fans of a studio yet to be created. That’s a pretty big leap of faith. Or perhaps it is more an observation that fans of popular animated series would really really really like to get their favorite studio to produce their fan fiction ideas.

What I am asking the community for is this:

This, obviously, IS the BlenderArtists community. He wants volunteers. Looking at the list of qualifications needed, I don’t see anything related to writing or concepts, so it is equally obvious MANwithaPLAN101 is not looking for anyone else’s ideas for what to produce. He has something in mind he is only willing to share ‘samples’ of with people who write him privately and express interest.

So, how is this any different from the typical noob who comes here looking for people to produce his latest brilliant anime series/feature length film/MassiveMultiplayerRolePlayingGame? Only that he offers to eventually pay the volunteers if he can get OTHER people to come up with the cash via a Kickstarter campaign. Which would, of course, depend on those volunteers producing, on spec, a really good teaser or trailer, that would motivate a whole bunch of people to kick in a bit of spare change to see the teaser turned into something longer.

There is no guarantee, of course, that any of the volunteers would see a penny of that spare change, though, since pay would be based on bids submitted to MANwithaPLAN101 for working on the larger project.

Anyway, it looks like the only thing MANwithaPLAN101 is planning on doing himself is coming up with the ideas, scripts and storyboards, and maybe the music, and managing the project.

So, it seems relevant to ask MANwithaPLAN101:

What experience do you have managing team projects over the internet? Have you been involved in any before, if so, how large was the team, what was the scope of the project and what were the results?

It is also relevant to ask MANwithaPLAN101 to show his ideas to this community so we can judge whether they are worth working on. I know we are a bit harsh in our critiques of this sort of thing, but there are two main reasons for that. First, so many of the ideas proposed here are really vague and unworkable. And, Second, the few ideas that pass that first screen just are not interesting enough for people to stick to them for the long haul.

So, @MANwithaPLAN101: show your proposal. Or, proposals. Let this community decide whether you have anything worth taking a step further.

To answer your question about my experience it is thus:

I have been a freelancer working with mobile gaming, which is why I amused to using the term “IP”. I have primarily worked with individuals and teams on projects focusing on advertising, and games. I am currently the artistic director for an educational web based game that will be distributed across the country to a large portion of schools. Where I primarily skype and google+ with my team, which is international. I am currently in the postproduction of a youtube series for a remodeling company wanting to create something to the level of HGTV. I was the director, I am the editor, and the motion graphics artist.

I have been drawing story boards for many different projects, be it games, music video shoots, or the projects mentioned above. I have been a freelance illustrator for many years, longer than I would like to mention.

I originally went to school for Graphic Design, then later realized my passion was for story telling and and film of any kind. so I pursued that.

In regards to your other statements about how I am just some guy wanting to develop my own IP’s. If you read the original post I say that I “want to keep this simple”. I don’t want to take several months having everyone present all of their independent ideas at once. I am most certainly not opposed to having other people present their ideas as future projects for the “studio”. But, the ideas that I want to work with are already conceived projects, with a beginning and an end. most of the time when I have worked on other projects people come with just an idea, but no real beginning, middle or end. It is my hope that through working together the community of artists that come together will be able to establish a system for which they elect the best ideas to move forward with. It is my desire, to become a person who simply submits his ideas at that point to be created. But, that system does not exist yet.

If you are interested, or want to see if I am worth you taking your time, which I understand is valuable, then write me, and I will send you some of the material. but, I will not post it here. I want the people who are interested in the idea of the community that will be created through a crowd funded studio to come to this. It is not a thing to be short sighted with. It is a long term goal.

I am hesitant to post complete story ideas, but I should show something to interest the community. so I will share some art work from a project that I have been working on.

this is from a story that I originally was planning on making a web comic, but decided that I wanted to see it animated more than just sitting on a piece of paper.

Above is the original prologue that I wrote and illustrated, and the image to left is the 3D model that I created for the animated progression of the project.

I hope that this helps.

This looks interesting. I’d love to see more. Good luck with this.

OK, MANwithaPLAN101, I’m impressed.

And that’s not easily done (some might consider it a Sign of the Apocalypse…) But you seem to have the chops to make something like this work, and I like your concept art.

Unfortunately, I don’t particularly care for that genre. I prefer what anime types call ‘daily life’ such as Poor Sister’s Story, Emma, Nodame Cantabile or even Strawberry Panic.

While I understand without sharing your reluctance to post complete story lines, would you be willing to post similar brief tastes of your two other ideas?

Nice Gargoyle (i guess). But i still think that it is a waste of time building 3 diffrent Series/Movies, just to keep 2 of them discontinued.
You don’t have to share your complete Story, just gather some feeback of your general Story ideas or the Plot, so you can decide which one you are going to actual build. It’s just my idea of doing it efficient. You can also do 3 projects simultaneously, but in my experience, it will end up with none of them will be finished.

cerfribar makes a good point. Since the initial work is on spec, MAN is coming to this community looking for investors. So we are getting a pitch to invest in a project which might have a long term payoff, but in the meantime, if we decide to participate we are going to be putting in a lot of hours initially.

So let’s assume you have sold us on having you in charge of the project. Now sell us on a story worth working on.

We have a log line for one project: “The dragons are coming! Kill 'em, kill 'em!” and some concept art, but no protagonists and an inferred plot (people kill dragons and win the war).

Let me put it this way: If you were recruiting actors for a film project, do you think you could get anyone on board without letting them read the script?

So soon?

That image is from his shortlived webcomic from 4 Sep 2011. The Wix website ( ) is gone, but you can see the images at

(encouraging review at the time: )

The ‘studio’ domain name was registered New Year’s Day, and a quick spate of forum posts followed.

5 Jan 2014: what art services do you find your self needing? SURVEY!!!

I recently completed a job with a client where we helped them with their video game design and asset creation. so pretty much everything you saw was created by us. I truly enjoyed the experience, and found myself wanting to do more work with game developers.

I have created a quick survey to better understand the needs that you all have when creating your games, so that I may better tailor what we offer to assist you with your projects.

5 Jan 2014: SURVEY!! what are your film production needs?

I want to start working more with creative individuals, as I have had the chance to do only a few so far. I have truly enjoyed the experiences, and I am wanting to get my studio geared towards doing more of these projects.

What I am hoping to create is a one stop shop for creative individuals, where they can deal with one entity and have everything developed for their project. I am testing the need for such a thing right now, so I created a survey that you can fill out and tell us what your biggest needs are. This will likely be one of a few surveys that I will create to pin down the exact needs of the community, and what services would be the best to offer.

23 Jan 2014: check out our art work!

we want to help with developing exciting IP’s. we do charge, but we try to make our services reasonable to help other individuals in the community realize their vision.

Then there’s the ‘studio’ website at

Our long term goal is to foster talented artists looking to get into the industry. It is a hard world, and not always is it forgiving. By taking these young talents and teaching them how to work with their customers, and teach them the standard that can help them through the industry, we believe we can make a great change for them entering the field. It is a lofty goal, but we have faith that it will help reshape the way individuals view them selves in the market, and to help them identify their strengths.

Fostering young talents and teaching them? Maybe from an experienced studio, with experienced people who have several years of industry experience. But from a couple of friends who dream of making a movie or game or something creative?

It’s great to have grand visions, lofty goals, and dreams of running a successful studio, but there’s a very hard slog to achieve it.

I don’t mean to be discouraging, just critical. Joel’s art looks nice, but there’s no ‘studio’ as such.
On some forums he’s seeking talent, on others he is seeking jobs to put talent to use.

He has been busy building his empire:

Here’s the mobile game:

And the appeal of FREE Kickstarter money is certainly alluring:

August 13, 2012

test for a possible short film that i will be working on. the script is still being pinned, and we are discussing kickstarter campaign.

It’s not different from what other dreamers have posted before.

That said, I really hope in ten years time Joel will laugh at me for being so negative… but if he makes it, he won’t remember.

P.S. Joel, “Career Education” or “Carer Education”?!design3jpg/zoom/cyvu/image1z0j

Nice due diligence, spaced. Thank you. I am back in the skeptical camp. Looks like I should have done a little digging around myself. Well, let’s see what comes next.

I don’t plan to discontinue them, but rather put them on hold. If later down the road the concept can be reintroduced then they will. I like the idea of 3 different ideas, because in the future, I want to have a lot of people with different ideas for stories to kind of compete to get their ideas selected for this option, then voted on by the public. It’s only on this initial go that I am using my ideas.

Excellentresearch. But I have been hardly dishonest. I have been afreelancer, for many years. I have done work on Elance,freelancer, and Odesk. You found my site. Yes, I want tofoster talent. I want to kick the hollywood system to the curb. If you want to call it “building my empire”, then sobe it. I hardly see my self as the king. My site, is formy work. Which I do well with. I can showcase my artthere as I please, to attract future clients. Never did I saythat “Those guys Studio” would be the crowd funded studio. And if I find talent by working with people on these smallprojects, or help train up talent, and send them work, and pay themwith money and experience, what is the negative?

Myintentions are not sly, or misleading. They are as I haveposted. And I will say it again. I have no intention ofmerging my studio, and the Crowd funded studio. They are to beseperate. I stated earlier, that " Itis my desire, to become a person who simply submits his ideas at thatpoint to be created." I have not been misleading in anyway. I said when I posted the pictures I said that it was froma web comic that I was writing , but decided that I wanted to see itanimated, and not just sitting on a piece of paper. Inever said that I was some hollywood big shot, or I would have beentrying to use that as my leverage to get recruits. I want to createprojects that tell stories, because most of the work out there is notstory driven. And that is a passion of mind. I am wanting tobuild something amazing, that will encourage talent to not burn themselves on a system that is out dated (Holly Wood). If you wantto attack me for that. go ahead. I will continue to tryand make something that people can enjoy, and a system for creativeindividuals. You can do what ever you want.

for those who are still considering the work with the project. Here is some additional concept art from the other two projects.

The synopsis for the three different projects are as follows:

Forgotten Pages: (the one that was the web comic)

There is a War breaking out between a race called the Dreagon, those gargoyle like people, and the rest of the people that live on the Mega continent. One of their Allies, a corrupt young king, Kills, one of four legendary brothers who possess extraordinary powers. In doing so the remaining three attack his city, and his armies promising to destroy everything in 3 days. And they very well could.

This plot is for what I was originally calling Book 1.  But it would be Season 1 if it was to be made.  There are 6 books outlined and 2 books written.  The story covers a time span of over 2,000, because so much happens that affects the the end.  This would be the hardest, and most demanding of the 3 options.  It is my favorite, and I have been writing and designing the world for over 15 years.


Artificial, Living, Intelligent, Cybernetic, Entity. Based in the near future. A young hermit, who has made millions in his invented tech, looses his cop brother in a battle with the cities mob. He disappears for several years, then returns attacking the mob with his powerful tech. His aid is a AI machine name Alice. Who is the most advanced AI in the world, and is trying to make sense of and deal with teh abilities of emotion and self awareness.

I was greatly inspired by Ghost In The Shell, and there is even a special task force that is assigned to track down the main character and Alice through out the story. But, the real development of the story is the relationship between Alice and her creator, and how he tries to instill the good nature of humans into her, while falling short himself. This project, would be an easier one to accomplish. it would only need to be a 2-3 short episodes. which would allow for exposure, then let us move onto another project picked by the community.

The Hidden:

This would be a horror/period piece. based in the late 1800’s, we learn that during the time that the devils angels were cast out of heaven, some regretted their decision, and chose to live under the guise of men on the earth. One such Demon tries to work himself back into good favor with heaven for a possible “second chance”. So he travels the world and helps people get rid of their demons that are trying to destroy the world of man.

I favor this project for the first one to move forward with, because I envisioned it as just a bunch of short stories of the main character ridding the world of demons. Also, This would allow other people to write stories, and the ability to direct them before jumping in with their own IP.

There are the ideas. If you are interested in working on something like I have mentioned, please contact me.

The A.L.I.C.E idea is interesting. Characters like that are often used in Sci-Fi as a mirror for humanity, peeking in and pointing out the failings and hypocrisies. That could be interesting. Trying to teach her humanity while falling short himself reminds me strongly of the phrase “Do as I say, not as I do”. What about the gender of the machine, though? You referenced the machine as “her” but would such an entity have a concept of gender? If you’re going to have “her” dealing with the issues surrounding self-awareness and emotion, gender is something to add to the list. At first the description reminded me a little of Aegis from Persona 3. The design, which couldn’t possibly pass as human, is interesting, though. Usually when there’s a female robot they’re given a humanoid appearance. I think it’s to make them more relateable. Even Mr. Data had a face. This design does too, but it’s blank, as far as I can tell. I suppose that would help. For an entity that starts out blank and develops into an individual, a face like that is a good visual representation. A.L.I.C.E sounds the most interesting to me. When written correctly, a character who starts out as a blank has the potential to be very interesting.

I have an idea for a sequel for this one, but that would have to be down the road. After this thing gets started, There are going to be other people that are going to want to get their ideas into production. So I will have to wait my turn.

Being a filmmaker’s apprentice, and working on my own animated sci-fi web series right now, I just have to chip in my opinion, here.

Pitching an idea to people before you’ve got everything together to present to them only makes you look incompetent. When pitching an idea, you want to have a full presentation package ready to show potential team members and investors; something that includes everything you can show or tell them about the project, in its current state: the script, a project treatment, any concept art and storyboards, and any other demo media related to the project.

You never want to leave them with unanswered questions, and you want to do everything in your power to make (and keep) them interested in your idea. Don’t just try to sell your idea, sell yourself and your skills as part of the complete package. If they like how you present yourself as an individual, they’re more likely to agree to your proposal.

Not trying to sound mean or anything, because you may have missed it, but I have told everyone if they want to see the material that has already been created by myself to message or email me. These projectsall have screen plays written for the first “episode” , andin one case a lot more. I have already created much of the conceptart, but I believe that it would be beneficial to have another artistgive their treatment to a design. Since I have a specific style someof my designs may not work as well as another artists interpretation.And as to looking “incompetent”, I have done much concept art forother peoples projects, where They have started with an idea,possibly even a script or a few sketches. Although, many of thoseprojects lost steam due to budget, or criticism from a community thatdragged the initiator down, I never felt they were incompetent. Manypeople have skills developed in a specific field, and need help fromothers to realize their vision. Do you think that Michael bay came tohis studio with all the concept art, story boards, scripts, and cgmodels all thrown together when talking about his projects? He relied on artists and craftsman to achieve his vision. There are instances where having a great deal more developed can help with a pitch to a studio. But, let us be realistic. This forum is not astudio. Many people come here asking for help with projects becausethey need the help, and they know that additional talent could maketheir project better. Have you seen the credits run at the end of afilm? There are hundreds of people attached to a project during theproduction. There are people that do nothing but lighting, or nothingbut hair and cloth. Because they are good at it.

So to recap, there is additional content that is already developed, but people who are interested in the idea of a community where this kind of studio exists, is what I am really after. because, this is not an over night deal. It is going to take care and conviction to complete.So just throwing everything out there on this thread and creating thelongest post that people will refuse to read, I feel, is not going tohelp get the ball rolling. So I humbly disagree. I don’t feel that itshows incompetency. It is a method of weeding out the people who don’t see the project for what it is.

These stories are only tools for creating the crowd funded studio. Yes,they can be exciting, and well designed, but the over all goal is to create a community that can produce original IP that the online community wants to see.

As I have mentioned before, If you are interested in this kind of project, then you can message me or email me. I am creating a group of artists that will then be assigned to specific tasks to create the media for the public.

Please also consider this: Why do you think that I want to work with people on the creation of the short presentation media? It is not withoutreason. A studio with regular employees knows how long it takes forcertain tasks to be completed by the people they place on the team.time=money. Which affects the cost of development. This group wonthave any past history to base it’s production on. The production of the 3 short media content will be used as an assessment process on people’s skills, how quickly they work, and where they would best be utilized for the project.