Need tester for SMG (please have joystick)

Hello all. I am in need of someone with a joystick to help me test Super Blender Galaxy (mario fangame). If there is anyone around willing msg me ill be working on it for a few hrs tonight. Ill look back here from time to time. if not toniight or not the right place for the thread ignore the post. pm me if intrested.

i have many controllers! i have a test of my own i would like to give you in exchange for SBG! find saddy panda on facebook and message me!

@ saddy panda u have a deal.

Daedalus_mdw helped me last night for a few hours. he helped me map the controller for xbox cont.

my blend file will give you the (rather cheap) ability to configure any controller to the game provided that blender can detect and use the controller. until we have a more concrete way of doing this, i see this for now to be one of the easiest ways to have controller based gaming for blender

Care to share your results? :stuck_out_tongue: I bought a controller recently for this exact purpose : P

no problem! look up saddy panda on facebook. message me and i will give you the blend file.