Need testers and fixers ***Demo available***

Hi, I made a little demo of a game.
It’s already available for download:

But There’s a lot of bugs and stuff…-A LOT!-

Can any body please check the file, (it’s made to be easily modded using Blender).
In the installed files, there are .blend files, each its own level/loading-system.
If the gamebreaking bugs are found, please tell me or help me fix it, it would be a massive help!

And any people looking forward to level designing for this game would be another massive help, Thanks!

ALL IS MADE USING BGE! and please keep it that way…Im not the best in unity (LOL)

email: [email protected]

all people supporting this project will be included in future credits.

I suggest you not give free access to any one. This is a good way to get your game stolen lol