Need testers for a patch to add rectangle and ellipse shapes to spotlights

Hi! I made a patch to add rectangle and ellipse shape for spotlights:
It’s compatible with the viewport and the game engine. You can use X and Y gizmos, scale sliders or “S”+“X” or “Y” keyboard keys to scale the spotlight (only on X and Y axis).

I’d like to know:

  • if you are interested with this feature
  • what do you think about the patch code (I’m a beginner). Some things to improve?
  • what do you think we could do with this feature and why it could be usefull. Or do you think it’s useless?
  • do you see some problems using the patch? (problems with shadows, spotlamp textures, in the viewport or in the bge, other problems…)

Many thanks to people who try it!

Here are the blender builds:

My test file:

I know this is unavailable in Cycles (& bugged in BI) so any effort to make it workable is appreciated.
Don’t know how to code or make a build - so until then, sorry.
Though sooner or later one of BF team will review it eventually.

@burnin: Thanks for comment :slight_smile:
I did not change the code for internal render (so the render bugs remains… I think Sergey (a dev in charge of blender render) is aware about this bug) and for cycle.
Actually, I just added viewport and bge support of spotlights and the ability to scale the spotlights on X and Y axis (squares>rectangles, circle>ellipse).
I think this could be fun in bge to make light effects.
If you want to test, no need to compile (unless you’re on MacOsX), I’ve pasted download links to builds I made in the first post.
Thanks for any feedback!